Finding Out What'S Causing Your Hematuria

Contrary to popular belief, the medical opinion on cranberry juice as an effective way to either treat or prevent urinary tract infections is quite mixed. Recent studies have shown that there is no verifiable link between cranberry juice and any effect on the bacteria that causes UTI. Before this it was common among even those in the medical profession to tout the benefits of cranberry juice. It was believed that the higher acidity of cranberry juice made it more difficult for bacteria to propagate and thrive. But medical professionals say this is not the case.

“The problem with urinary tract infections is that they can quickly become kidney infections,” says one Las Vegas physician. “The only effective treatment against bacterial infections is antibiotics. So those that think that drinking some cranberry juice is going to treat their infection are putting themselves at an increased risk of kidney infection.”

Similarly, it was once believed that cranberry juice was effective at preventing UTI, but scientists remain skeptical.

“It’s certainly not going hurt you, as cranberries have a number of health benefits, but in terms of urinary tract infections, the science is far from settled. It’s not impossible that cranberry juice can have some positive effects for preventing UTI, but it’s not certain either. There are other methods for preventing UTI that are well understood and known to be effective.”

What needs to be understood is that UTI is caused by a bacteria known as e. right here coli which is a bacteria found in the lower intestine. When this bacteria gets into the urinary tract, it causes an infection there. The infection is most successfully treated with antibiotics, but it’s also quite preventable.

#1. Drinking Plenty of Water

Drinking a lot of water dilutes the urine and causes company website you to urinate more frequently. This helps flush the bladder and cleans the urinary tract, preventing the bacteria from taking up root and causing an infection.

#2. Wiping from Front to Back

Since e. coli takes up residence in the lower intestine, it can be spread through the anus. If the contents of the anus are tracked across the urethra, there is an increased likelihood that an infection will spread.

#3. Urinating after Sex

For women, this is an imperative, since urinating will flush the urethra of foreign elements that can cause urinary tract infections.

#4. Avoid Irritating Feminine Products

Many products that are sold under the banner of feminine hygiene are actually quite bad for you. Products like douches or powders irritate the genital area and urethra and are not effective substitutes for washing with soap and water.

#5. Birth Control Methods

Any birth control method that involves insertion may contribute to UTI. For those that seem to be getting frequent UTIs, a change may be in order.

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